Minutes - 16.06.2016

A meeting of the BTHG was held at the Canine Academy, Tollerton on Saturday 16th June 2016.

Members Present:

David Taylor, Roy North, Garry Hurley, Pam Morton and Hefin Jones.

Apologies for Absence:

Sharon Ames, Norman Ames, Frank Bebbington and Dorothy Owen.

The Bedlington Terrier Health Group – Changes.

At the last AGM of the NBTC, held following their Open Show on the 26thMarch, Frank Bebbington tendered his resignation from the Bedlington Terrier Health Group, and as the KC Breed Health Coordinator.  However, because of the problems relating to the appointment of a new “webmaster”, he agreed to continue to fulfil this role until a replacement could be appointed.

In accordance with the requirements of the BTHG constitution the 3 breed clubs have agreed the appointment of Mrs Pam Morton as the new KC Breed Health Coordinator.  The meeting also confirmed her appointment as the BTHG Secretary.

Likewise, following the resignation of Derek Owen, Roy North has been elected as a NBTC member of the Health group.

Action:  FB has already notified the Kennel Club of the change of Breed Health Coordinator.  The Animal Health Trust has also been asked to add Pam’s name to their list of recipients of the CT COMMD1 results.  Both actions have been confirmed.

Health Group Funds.  

Dr Hefin Jones (BTHG Treasurer) reported on the state of the Health Group funds.  The current balance is £12759.26, of which £6347.55 is money raised from the online auction and which is “ring fenced” for use in “research projects relating to the 2nd CT gene”.  It was pointed out that £1000.00 of this money had already been used as the BTHG contribution to AHT Genome Sequencing Initiative.

The 2nd CT Gene – Seminar.  

It was agreed that the organisation of a seminar to “update” Bedlington terrier breeders/owners about the 2nd CT gene research should be deferred until the Genome Sequencing project has been completed by which time Dr Susan Haywood will probably have more information regarding the situation re the development of a test for the 2nd CT gene.

Give a Dog a Genome – Request for Health Information.

In order to aid selection of “a suitable dog” for inclusion in the Genome Sequencing Initiative Dr Cathryn Mellersh has requested that the Health Coordinator of each of the participating breeds complete a questionnaire to provide information about health concerns in their breed.

Action:  Following consultation with members of the BTHG, Pam has completed and submitted the questionnaire.

Retesting of Dogs for the COMMD1 gene.

The BTHG recently became aware that the AHT were about to retest certain dogs for the COMMD1 gene.  This has been confirmed by Dr Nigel Holmes (Genetics Services Manager).

Action:  Pam has written to Dr Holmes requesting that the BTHG be kept fully informed about this matter.

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