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Following a seminar on copper toxicosis, jointly organised by the Animal Health Trust and the Kennel Club in June 2001, the secretary of the NBTC wrote to the Kennel Club seeking their advice on “the way forward”.

The outcome of this was an offer from the Kennel Club to host a meeting where “Copper Toxicosis in Bedlington Terriers” would be the subject of discussion between KC/ AHT health representatives and delegates from the three Bedlington Terrier breed clubs.  This meeting was held at the KC offices at Clarges Street in January 2002.  A major outcome of this meeting was the suggestion that a breed health group, responsible to the three KC recognised breed clubs, should be formed.

To this end an initial meeting, chaired by Mrs A. Emsley, was held at the Southern Counties Championship show in June 2002 where the “basic ground rules pertaining to the health group” were agreed.

A further meeting, again chaired by Mrs A. Emsley, was held at the Leeds Championship show in 2002 in order to provisionally agree the Health Group representatives for the three clubs

The recommendations from the initial meetings were presented and agreed by the membership of the three breed clubs at their respective AGMs in 2003.  The breed clubs also endorsed the proposed Constitution of the new Health Group.  In addition, a recommendation was agreed that J. Holden be included as a member of the Health Group to represent the “working Bedlington fraternity.

Mission Statement.

The purpose of the BTHG is to act as a forum for the all matters relating to the

health and welfare of Bedlington Terriers.


Please remember that the Health Group cannot function in a vacuum and that

 it can only fulfil its role with the help and co-operation of the Bedlington terrier fraternity.

Help us to help you.

The Bedlington Terrier Health Group Constitution.

    This amended constitution was ratified by the three breed clubs at their 2010 AGMs.

A ‘reserve’ member from each of the three breed clubs shall be elected to represent the breed club concerned should either of the two members from that breed club be unable to attend a meeting.  However, the reserve members will be invited to attend each meeting in their own right, but without the right to vote.

Four members of the Health Group will constitute a quorum.  In the absence of a quorum an informal discussion of the agenda items should take place  and tentative proposals, where appropriate, should be minuted. The absentee core members should be asked to vote either to agree to the tentative proposals or to request deferment of the topic for further discussion at the next meeting and the draft minutes should be amended accordingly.

Any subsequent vacancy should be filled by co-opting a new member from the breed club concerned, following a nomination from committee of that breed club. This appointment should be ratified at the next AGM of that breed club.

Where necessary the treasurer, or agreed representative of the Health Group, on behalf of the Health Group, should be present to explain specific items in the accounts.


(Amended May 2010)

Members of the Health Group.

(updated 4th June 2018)

David Taylor (NBTC)–  Chairman.

Mrs Sheila Baldwin (BTA) - Secretary & KC Breed Health Coordinator

Dr Hefin Jones OBE (MBTC) - Treasurer.

Pam Morton (BTA) .

Frank Bebbington (NBTC)

Mrs Dorothy Owen (MBTC )

Mrs Louise Beesley (MBTC)

Garry Hurley (BTA)

Norman Ames (BTA)


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