Minutes - 25.02.2012

A meeting of the Bedlington Terrier Health Group was arranged for Sunday, 6th February when the main item on the agenda was to be a discussion about the content of a recently posted website relating to canine health matters (www.dogbreedhealth.com).  This website, according to press reports, had received good reviews but the BTHG felt that it contained information, particularly in relation to copper toxicosis, that gave rise for concern.

Unfortunately, the severe wintery weather conditions meant that this meeting had to be cancelled.  However, an impromptu meeting of those BTHG members attending the MBTC Open Show was held following the show at Tollerton Canine Academy.

Members Present.

Dr Hefin Jones OBE (MBTC), Derek Owen (NBTC), Norman Ames (BTA) and Sharon Ames (MBTC)

The Content of the Dog Breed Health Website.

The sole purpose of the meeting was to discuss the content relating to Bedlington Terriers in a recently posted website dealing with canine health matters.

It was reported that a member of the Health Group, acting as a ‘private breeder’, had already contacted the website ‘owner’ (Carol Fowler) expressing concern about various comments in the ‘linked article’ on copper toxicosis and that she had expressed the view that she was not adverse to amending the site content but would need a submission from the BTHG outlining the concerns.  Since the amendments related to the article on copper toxicosis, she felt that it may be necessary to have any suggested changes ‘examined’ by her own independent examiners.

The meeting agreed the following points relating to the article on copper toxicosis:

Action – NA to submit the results of the BTHG discussion to Carol Fowler for review and  subsequent amendment  of her website

In accordance with the constitution of the Bedlington Terrier Health Group, these minutes were circulated, for comment and approval, to those members who were unable to attend the meeting.

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