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This site was last amended on the 2nd March 2017

Recent Amendments/Additions.

23.01.2017.  Update of the AHT COMMD1 results table.  Click Here to view the table.

25.11.2016.  The Kennel Club have updated the “health” section of their website.  Click Here for details.

11. 11.2016.  The Kennel Club have recently produced a new updated Breed Watch leaflet.  This is recommended “reading” for all exhibitors/judges.  Click Here for details

25.09.2016.  Report - the 2016 KC Breed Health Coordinator’s symposium.  Click Here for details.

06.09.2016.  The KC have announced the launch of a their Breed Health and Conservation Plan initiative.  Click Here for details.

* 05.07.2016.  Can you help?  The Royal Veterinary College are carrying out a survey as part of a research project on the impact of health and training on canine behaviour.  Click Here for details

10.06.2016.  “Tackling Obesity in Dogs” - A new Kennel Club Publication.  Click Here for details.

10.06.2016.  The Kennel Club Online Learning Resource - a new initiative aimed primarily at dog breeders.  Click Here for details.

20.03.2016.  Report on the “Points for Concern” monitoring of Bedlington terriers at Championship Shows during 2015 has now been produced.  Click Here for details

29.02.2016.  The results of the 2014 Pedigree Dog Breed Health Survey carried out by the Kennel Club have now been released.  Click Here for details.

02.10.2014.  A DNA test for Footpad Hyperkeratosis in Bedlington terriers is now available.  Click Here for details

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